Welding Stainless Steel Sheets
09.05.2014 16:08

Welding Stainless Steel Sheets

What can be ideal methods for selecting the welding stainless steel sheets? Lots of factors such as what kind of stainless sheet, what thickness, application & industry needs to be considered?

Now, let us concentrate on 3 industries

1. Food Service

Many stainless steel sheets in food service are of 300 series type. The type 304 thick stainless steel sheet needs to be accurate. If you ever happen to go to a Fast food bill counter & check out the counters, cookers, shelving, & such then you will see that they are made of welded stainless steels. The food service code requires 304 stainless sheets for utilizing food preparation locations for the reason that it doesn’t rust that easily. Most welds are to be acted in a way that they don’t trap bacteria & other crud. All the wire brushing must be done easily with stainless steel welds and brush, which aren’t perfectly smooth. It has to be smoothly blended with abrasive wheel & then cleaned properly with alcohol.

2. Aerospace

The stainless alloys of steel made use in aviation and aerospace industries are more varied. Austenitic steels such as 321, 316, 347 & 304 are quite common. Another stainless steel family used in commercial aircrafts are Precipitation Hardening selection. A PH in the end such as 17-4ph, 15-5ph, 17-7ph, 15-7ph indicates the steel precipitates hardening. This literally means that holding at higher temperature on extended periods let steel to easily harden.

3. Nuclear

The nuclear piping system uses many stainless steel sheets & most of them are TIG welded. At least root passes are TIG welded. Many stainless piping uses basic 304 stainless. However, grades such as 316 can be employed too. The TIG root pass with sticky fill are common during heavy wall piping.


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