Significance to choose Spinone italiano dog
19.03.2014 17:16

Spinone italiano facts

Spinone italiano is a pet dog. The name of this dog itself originates as of Italy and this breed is a gun dog that is it will hunt, spot and retrieve in game. In this article you can know more about Spinone italiano facts.

It is more powerful since the muscular body allows it to quickly retrieve on both water and terrains. The head and muzzle of this pet dog is long. This puppy has single coat and it is wiry, dense and dry also hard in texture. This large ears and messy appearance give the pet as good expression.

Body Type:

The eyebrows, whiskers and beard feature of this dog provide it as "good natured crank" expression

Weight: 71to 82 kg

Height: 24-26 cm

The tail is constantly wharf and wouldn’t carried beyond the horizontal

The lengthy ears lie slam towards the head and aren’t altered



This dog holds single coat that is dry, wiry and dense rough hair and the size will be up to 2.5 inches in the body.

The colors are white with orange, solid white, white with a brown marking, white spotted with the orange or brown leather with brown.

Grooming can be done easily and it is required to do stripping hair per week so that you can keep your puppy as clean and good.

Health Concerns:

Focus to hip dysplasia

Hormone situations

inclined to ear diseases

Osteochondrosis of shoulder



Quiet and affectionate

Very fine with kids, animal and also other dogs.

but stubborn


These are the Spinone italiano facts where you can click here petzmag to know more about this breed.




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