how long to cook a turkey
13.04.2014 16:27

Cooking Stuffed Turkey in the Convection Oven


If you are looking to decrease the cooking time for turkey then, read out this article here I have list out some of the significant ways to cook turkey and also know the cooking time for turkey.

It is best to use the internet to know more about how to cook a turkey without taking more time. If you are looking to reduce the cooking time for turkey dish then it is best to choose the easiest methods. One of the easiest way is you can use the oven which will be helpful to cook in a short time. Here you can see useful tips for how long to cook a turkey


Once you carefully cleaned the turkey, lay it in a hot pan with a rack. Cover through vegetable oil with shake over by your option of seasonings. Warm up the oven equipped 325 degrees also then set the turkey contained by it.

Steam the unstuffed turkey twenty minutes of each pound. Therefore, if the turkey is eight pounds then, you have to roast it for two hours 40 minutes. If it is 12 pound turkey then cook for 4 hours. And if you are looking to know time to cook stuffed one then see here for cooking stuffed one. You need to cook stuffed one for twenty five mins for a pound. It refers 10 pound turkey need to be cooked for 4 hrs.

Test out amid meat thermometer in the direction of ensure that the turkey will be done. In proportion to the USDA, a meat thermometer must be to be found on to a breast. It will be supposed to examine no less than 165 degree F once it is harmless to have. You possibly will desire to maintain cooking it near amid 170 towards 180 degree F.




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